We represent all of this companies, many of them leaders not only on a national level, but also regionally, adding to that, being holders of presence far and wide the globe. As well as for the represented companies, HLT is proud to work alongside many of the largest supermarket chains in the region. Adding to the traditional sales channels covered by us, we also work side by side with Distinguished Distribuition Networks, Wholesalers and Purchase Groups, covering all off the sales channels in the market.



Alca Foods is the second biggest company of morning cereals in Brazil. It possesses a built area of 7.7890m, with latest generation equipments, focused on the lamination and extraction of cereals such as corn, soy, oats, among others. The company started its activities in mid 1996, in the city of Itumbiara, in the southern end of the state of Goias, right in the heart of Brazil. For more than 20 years of history Alca Foods has been having high levels of growth, conquering nubers day to day, which make the company a success. Alca Foods aims to produce quality foods. With a superior level of trust, enablig the sale of its products, serving the greatest number of sales points, and mainly, satisfying all of the clients expectations.


Mission: Participate in peoples lives, offering quality, practical and diferential flavour foods. Vision: To be amongst the greatest companies nationally in the food sector, focusing on growth, profitability and longevity. Purpose: To feed good moments. Values: Flexibility, Excelence, Partnership, Ethics and Character, Enviromental Care, Merit, Audacity.


Our mission is to accomplish our clients satisfaction and for this offering the most noble frozen products in various presentations and flavours. Our vision is to be leader in the uruguayan market and to offer our products to foreign markets. To develop, innovate and diversify the portfolio of existent products. Our main goal lies on the satisfaction of our customers through the fullfillment of the most demanding quality processes. Our suppliers are selected based on their capacity to maintain the quality of the raw materials.

Batata Pura

Batata Pura is a young company in search for constant innovations in flavours and concepts, which has been conquering the preference of potato's true lovers. Indispensable during free time, Batata Pura is ideal for those who know how to enjoy life!


About: the company was born in 2018, focused on the care for personal higene, our goal with moist towels is to take care of all your family in each stage of the cycle of life, ever since birth until maturity, and best of all, without forgetting any member of the family, not even your pet, therefore we have a complete line, featuring the brands selectwipes and higiecao being capable of satisfying all your needs and also your best friend’s. Care that goes beyond human care and contemplate life as a whole. Diferentials: only with 99% water in its formula, free of alcohol and parabens, soft and resisten tissue. Diverse fragances, formula enriched with natural extracts, soft fragance and moisturizing agents, dermatologically tested, anvisa certification. High technology: the highest pulance technology in the whole market, our main competitive diferential is the composition of our raw materials, contituted on the base of cellulose, which makes the material much more resistant, softer and thicker than other competitors. Soft shape , good ventilation, hich and fast moist absorption, high resistence, texture close to the fabric, flexible composition, it does not hurt the fiber, embossed fabric.


We are Huapis: We create Bonbons based on organic strawberries covered by an internal layer of white chocolate and an external layer of semi-bitter chocolate. Us: We were born to accompany happy moments, to sponsor pleasure expriences, to be the brand that unites hearts. Joined by a same feeling, joined in the value of the small pleasures of life, for the search of happiness and experiences that comfort our soul, we are all united by our hearts and what better than that heart being made of strawberry. We came to share those moment that give us joy, that unite us forever, we search the same, to collect shared moments, connect with hearts that fill our days, to give and receive. We live from stories, from treating ourselves and from pleasures that get us closer to the heart.


Brasfil Industria y Comercio de Productos de Limpieza Ltda. It comes from the aspirations of a businessman who's objective is to fabricate steel products from excelent quality at a fair price. To be a modern company, with latest generation equipments and using noble raw materials, capables of producing steel whool, steel whool and steel whool of excelent quality... Always with the objective of offering its customers first quality products, being an innovative company that beats all the expectations in the market. It is in this way, that it appeared in the market a new concept of cleaning products... Brasfil Industria y Comercio de Productos de Limpieza Ltda, also known as Inove Limpieza.

Mar del Este


Tradition that Makes the Difference We work constantly in the improvement of our industrial park, improving the processes of verticalization of production with the internal fabrication. Our production of the main componens of the packaging, such as; laminated tubes, labels, pet bottles and hdpe lids, optimize our capacity of optimization of our lines, as well as brands of third parties.


Santher produces over 180.000 tons of paper per year, a volume that places it between the 15 biggest in this sector in the whole world, regarding production cappacity. The investment in technology is fundamental for their business model. The company invests in last generation equipments for all the areas of the production process, from products manufacturing to distribuition and comercialization to the consumer. Adding to that, the Braganca distribuition center, located in Sao Paulo, is one of the most modern in Latin America, with a high level of automatization during the whole process. Santher's objective is brands, products and processes excelency. Always respecting the consumers and the environment, the company searches for innovative, technological solutions that can reduce the impact on the environment and anticipate itselft to the needs and changes in the sector. To be in the continuous improvement and the establishment of solid alliances and partnerships. Santher is commited to developing products that make the difference in people's lives. The company is proud to be in the vanguard of the market, be it with products that care for the environment and susteinability, or be it with notable, bold marketing campaigns. The development of innovative products is vital for the company to generate value and create a diferential towards the consumers. This is one of Santher's and all of its collaborators missions. Owner of the brands Personal, Personal Baby, Sym, Snob, Kiss, Santepel, Profesional, Speciality Papers.

Villa D'agri

We are an argentinian company, leader in fresh pasta manufacturing ever since 1981. Thanks to the efford and permanent search for excelency we count with model instalations in South America, holding the cappacity to elaborate 9000 kg/hour, producing a wide line of Filled Pasta, Ñoquis, Noodles, Tapas for Empanadas and Pascualina, made with fresh and natural raw materials, put through severe quality checks in our own labs. All of our pasta varieries are elaborated by an specialists team who utilizes the latest european technology in sistems of pasteurization and packaging.


The Original It all started with a passion for artisan bakery that grew with yeast, in Ribeirao Preto, inside Sao Paulo. From that love, in 2004 Zinho was born, that with lots of work and dedication it turned into one of the fastest growing brazilian companies the las few years. 15 years of an original recipe, with the good ingredients of entreprenuership, made Zinho become a reference in garling bread in the country. The most traditional brand of garlic bread in the country. Dear Barbecue In the barbecues with family and friends it is always talked about: garlic bread. Many times accompanied by a good grilled meat. Crispy, creamy and cute, Zinho garlic bread is obligatory in brazilian barbecues, being trully a national passion.